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Trade Finance is a key component in today's global economy that is crucial to multiple business functions and should always be handled thoroughly and quickly. 

With how extensive and intricate Letters of Credit can be, shouldn't there be a solution that simplifies the process?

Our web based services will give you complete control over your most integral processes

Our browser based products are flexible with the intricate processes of Trade Finance transactions in mind and will allow you to excel in the global marketplace.


Synergy Trade Finance Solutions

Trade Finance Products Overview:

•  Seamless & efficient interaction with multiple financial institutions (C2B & B2C)

•  Fully automated instruction and information exchange

• Digitize all trade finance transactions & documents

• Fast deal entry/auto-fill options allows for increased remediation

• Seamless interfacing to systems such as SWIFT and various Accounting systems

• Generate SWIFT messages 

 • Provides functionality to set deposits to lend/for call/overnight/term periods

•  Email notifications to defined users for real time tracking and status

• Allocation of interest rate margins among multiple profit centers

• Updated yearly to ensure SWIFT, UCP & ISO compliance



• Complete control over documents from multiple sources


• Edit & finalize a wide variety of business documents


• Improved efficiency for all guarantee activity   

Letters of Credit & Standbys

• Digitize all related transactions and documents including financing

Limits & Facilities

• Manage your collections, deposits, and securities in a single dashboard with daily & monthly summary information

Presentations & Payments

• Total management of all trade interactions


•  Innovative protection against risk of all kind



• Prioritize Import Collection documents from various sources

• Exchange collections instructions

• Maintain up to date statuses throughout systems

• Multiple methods to handle various documents such as Amendments, Payments & Export Collections


Faster, more efficient remediation to lower costs and maximize performance


Document processing for the needs of today, with the needs of tomorrow in mind  

Flexibility and complete customization to suit all your business documentation needs.


  • Create documents such as Collection Letters, Invoices, Packing & Weight Lists

• Manage document defects and track corrections via a Required Document interface

• Finalize documents through Synergy's integration with Microsoft products (Microsoft Word, Excel, PDF)

• Full customization of document outputs and layouts including custom letter heads as well as watermarking



  • Manage & transmit all guarantee activity, either on your behalf (corporate side) or in your favor (banking side)

• Receive up to date responses from financial institutions

• Repetitive text and templates are automatically stored to streamline your workflow and process

• Set automatic amendments or perform them on demand

Establish uniformity quickly and easily to expedite essential data entry, saving your organization time and money  

Letters of Credit & Standbys

Effective management with an all in one system to maximize performance


  • Apply for, issue and amend Import & Standy LCs

• Timely updates regarding acceptance, presentation, drawings, payments, under LCs

• Export, Standby and subsequent LCs are advised to you through the system

• Confirmations and advises can be transmitted through the system

Limits & Facilities


• Easily view a customer's limits, positions, and available amounts in real time

• Allows credit & account managers the ability to manage and control entire customer relationships across multiple option facilities, limits, draw-downs & repayments

• Flat fees & rate based fees are easily entered and automatically billed and settled

• Allows for output to Excel for further analysis

 • Allows for participations, syndications, and Lead Bank processing

Effective management of your overall institution's risks in real time with a state of the art tracking

Presentations and Payments


 • Supports Letters of Credit and documentary collections

• Automation in every step of the trade finance process • Improved transaction planning • Enhanced management monitoring and workflow control, including risk factors • Allows for transaction capturing, verification, document acceptance, acceptance with discrepancies, correspondence, accounting and payments

In today's global market, customers are demanding more from their banks. These requests include greater availability of data with more trade information as well as real time synchronization for more dynamic business management


Safeguard features that are intuitive just as they are strong, so you can have peace of mind that your data is secure 24/7


 • Access via a SSL encrypted website

• Two step entry/verification for all transactions

• User & password protected access with enforced rules

• Dynamic menu options based on user access credentials 

• Offsite Hosting provides state of the art data and hardware protection as well as uninterrupted business resumption capabilities

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