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COVID-19 & Business Continuity


Staying Safe without a Loss of Efficiency

With the growing number of people affected by COVID-19, Pinnacle Solutions has put employees safety as our top priority.

Since the end of February we have implemented our business continuity plan, which has allowed us to safely continue our work without compromising our efficiency and high level of service.

All our clients will continue to receive the highest level of security, connectivity, support and all other aspects of our business that we are known for.

Our Cloud based systems have been made to ensure that information quality and accuracy is not compromised in any scenario and our employees are properly trained in protocols to ensure your business is still our focus. 

If additional assistance is required please contact us at our listed email addresses or by using the forms provided by our website.

We would also like to thank all hard working medical staff and all other workers who are helping in this time of need.

Plan for tomorrow, today!


Why PSI?

Pinnacle Solutions Inc. has been delivering financial software and professional services since 1992. Our team of technology, banking and financial experts will customize solutions to meet your needs. 

Our passion is helping you and your business, no matter your size, no matter your industry, achieve your goals.


Comprehensive Approach

Our team will help determine what suits your needs, your risk tolerance and what will help you excel in the ever changing markets of today.

With PSI, you can count on unbiased recommendations and impartial guidance based directly on your needs and goals.


Committed to You

We believe successful projects start with excellent client relationships. Our mission and values include exceeding all of our client’s expectations and helping them every step of the way.

Contact us today to find out how we can suggest long and short-term strategies to streamline your business operations

Revolutionize your Industry

Commercial Banking

International Banks

Commercial Banking


Focus on effectively serving your current & expanding client base efficiently.

Our software solutions integrate with current systems or we can renovate old operations for more effective business operations.

Corporate Banking

International Banks

Commercial Banking

Corporate banking made easy

Adjusting to the widespread changes over the recent years can be complex.

Our innovations allow for relationship managers as well as back office staff to focus where it matters most.

International Banks

International Banks

International Banks

Universal banks are difficult to manage without the proper tools and PSI has the right tools

Multiple divisions and their coinciding customers require an intuitive all in one process.

PSI's systems will provide the necessary results to process a large variety of needs.

Start-Up Banks

Small Business/Start-Ups

International Banks

Starting a bank in today's day and age requires the right systems, and with PSI we can help you excel above the rest

Handling large amounts of data from multiple sources can be overwhelming without the right tools.

Our products can streamline receiving data as well as centralize output, allowing for a more concise analysis. 

Credit Unions

Small Business/Start-Ups

Small Business/Start-Ups


Your customers and the community you serve should always be your primary focus.

With PSI's expertise, we can increase your overall productivity and performance.

Small Business/Start-Ups

Small Business/Start-Ups

Small Business/Start-Ups


Your new business shouldn't have a slow start because of outdated systems.

Our team can offer guidance on handling rapid expansion and planning for the short term and long term.

Insurance Sector

Insurance Sector

Insurance Sector


Managing collateral, guarantees & LoCs electronically shouldn't be risky.

Establish a robust structure without having to start from scratch.


Insurance Sector

Insurance Sector


Management and protection of public funds made easy.

Ensure deadlines are met and information is transmitted quickly with our suite of products. 

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