Synergy seamlessly integrates with existing infrastructure to help maximize your investment in current computing platforms, global communications and IT architectures. Developed on the strength of Microsoft’s .NET platform, Synergy’s n-tier design provides greater scalability while its use of XML protocols streamlines data transfer between front, back, and mid-office systems. Synergy currently operates in more than twenty countries around the globe, providing:

  • Full back-office and customer front-end support for Letters of Credit processing
  • Complete back-office handling of Loans, Deposits and Foreign Exchange.
  • Inbound and outbound SWIFT payments and messages
  • DDA/Nostro accounts processing
  • Customer credit facilities and limits control exposure in real-time
  • Trust processing for the insurance industry
  • Finance Processing for corporates that provides financing to other corporation
  • Labor Guarantee processing
  • OnLine Banking
Trade Services – Back

Handles your standby and documentary LC issuance, Advise, Confirmation, Amendment, Collections, Open Accounts, Finance and Guarantees. It automatically processes your outbound and inbound MT7XX messages.

Trade Services - Corporates

Gives you control of your company's trade finance instruments and automatically interacts with multiple financial institutions via SWIFT MT798 messages. View our brief presentation for an overview of PSI and Synergy Letter of Credit.

Trust Agregation and Processing

Gives insurance companies, cities financial departments the ability to aggregate multiple bank account position, link the accounts to their internal policy/tax ids files, Letter of Credit and Surety instruments.

Labor Guarantee

Manage the company labor guarantee portfolio with the abilty to manage deposits , rate changes, refunds and other related needs.


Complete account management both DDA and Nostro, including interest for DDA accounts.

Central Tables

Master data storage for common information. Ensuring that corporate standards are applied universally.


Grants and monitors credit facilities to customers, from inside and outside Synergy. Provides credit and account managers, the tools they need to manage and control entire relationships with customers across multiple facilities, drawings and liabilities via a powerful, single page view.

Foreign Exchange

Rapid data entry alongside process and transactional control with STP SWIFT messages.

Funds Transfer

Controls all outgoing and incoming SWIFT payments and messages along with batch booking entries via an open booking interface.


Manages your overnight, fixed-term and call loans and deposits.

Online Banking

Provide Bank customers with a portal to see account balances, statements , pay bills, receive movement alerts, upload checks and attachments, transfer money between acccounts, execute payment request from your account to other institutions