Business has never been more complicated than it is today.  New markets are opening up for many organisations on a daily basis.  Many of these opportunities are not in the company’s home market.

This rise in international commerce brings both challenges as well as rewards.  At the forefront of these challenges is the financial aspect of the transactions.  How do we ensure we get paid, how do we ensure we receive the goods we have ordered and how do we ensure we get the best value from our banks?

The fully SWIFT certified Trade Services for Corporates module of the Synergy suite from PSI gives corporations the facilities to better control their trade finance activity.  Whether you use Letters of Credit (both from the Importer side and the Exporter Side) , from one or multiple banks, both issued and advised Guarantees, Export Collection, Import Collection and Direct Collection, or Open Accounts, is a comprehensive yet easy to use solution from PSI that puts you in control.  Initiation, choice of bank and amendments are fully within your control via a straightforward yet sophisticated browser based user interface.