Synergy Central Tables (CT) houses commonly used information across its integrated applications.

By defining your customers with all the information required for Synergy, you’ll also have this rich data for downstream applications and onward reporting. A customer’s standard settlement instructions can be customized at both the application and product levels. Centralized risk management within Synergy CT enables blocking customer activity, which you can seamlessly override via the Limit Override function.

Synergy allows multiple customer output such as paper, fax, email, and SWIFT — in any language. Mail address formatting  is customized to conform to the country being mailed. Reporting on all tables, as well as changes to tables, can be queried online.

Rules for Synergy’s accounting engine are in CT and ensure comparability with your GL because account numbers are dynamically created based on mappings for application, product, movement, tenor, profit center, and balance sheet code.