Synergy Accounts (AC) provides fast account creation using standard terms and conditions for both DDA (current accounts) as well as Nostro accounts.

Its powerful functionality provides a number of key options, including full support for multi-tier credit and debit interest based on account balance. Synergy AC allows for interest among various accounts to be pooled, and interest income and expense margins can be allocated to different departments. Interest and fees have independent pay schedules thereby allowing settlement to the account, other accounts, or even through SWIFT. Users can settle interest or fees off-cycle, and unlimited back-value recalculation of interest is provided.

Customer statements can be generated in a number of formats — paper, email, fax, or SWIFT — in any language.

In addition, Synergy AC provides support for:

  • Checking stop payments and hold (pledged) amounts
  • Blocking accounts
  • Standing orders
  • Cash sweeping

Synergy AC’s account termination function includes the ability to settle the balance to another account or through SWIFT.