SIBOS 2013 in Dubai was a resounding success!

Starting with the BAFT-IFSA conference on Sunday, right up to the end of the show, SIBOS was marvelous. OK…once you got from your bus/cab back into a comfortably air conditioned building.

Truly this was a wonderful event for PSI. We met a slew of new people and had the opportunity to catch up with so many other associates and friends that we had not seen in a while. As usual at SIBOS, the people at SWIFT ran a Class “A” event with wonderful forums, conferences and great guest speakers and panels.

For PSI, as for most software vendors in attendance, SIBOS offers a unique opportunity to reach so many perspective customers and introduce them to your product line. It also opens the door for potential new partnering opportunities and generally extend our business network. And sometimes it’s nice just to meet the face behind a name that perhaps you’ve already spoken with on the phone, emailed or done business with, but haven’t met yet. In all these ways, SIBOS 2013 was exceptional for PSI.

And the winners are…

This year PSI gave away two IPads by drawing business cards of event attendees that had left their cards in a bowl at our booth over the week. The first drawing was on Tuesday afternoon, and the second was on Thursday. Pictured below is the winner of the first drawing, Mark Bayoud of General Equity pulling the business card for Stephan Koschmieder of Euroclear. The second picture is of Warren Nichols (left) and Sue Heiss (right), both principals of PSI presenting the second IPad to Ilsa Poinart (middle) who is a colleague of Stephan Koschmeider's (not pictured) at Euroclear. ENJOY your new IPad's guys!

We hope all of your SIBOS 2013 experiences were as good as ours! See you at SIBOS 2014 in Beantown!