The Exporta “North American Trade and Export Finance Conference” was held this year on June 12th at the Westin Hotel in New Your City, just 20 miles from PSI’s headquarters in Springfield, New Jersey. Sue Heiss and Amer Elkhouri were there to attend the sessions and they represented PSI at our “booth“.

The conference featured several sessions devoted to the discussion of the new standard messaging that has been developed in cooperation with the ICC and the banking community. The standard messages will allow corporates to communicate Import/ Export Trade Finance and Supply Chain activity directly to all of their banks. These sessions helped raised the treasury and corporate finance management awareness of the power and value of applications using the MT798 SWIFT messaging standards.

Our product “SYNERGY Trade Finance and Supply Chain Application for Corporates” is ready to meet the needs of corporate treasury management!

The Synergy application utilizes this MT798 standard messaging for on-line communication for entry, modification, tracking and reporting on all open trade finance instruments with any bank while monitoring bank positions, availability and bank fee calculations. PSI was pleased to discuss and demonstrate our SYNERGY product to many of the corporate representatives at the conference.

Clearly it was another informative and successful Exporta Conference.