The Exporta Europe Trade Finance Week was held in Hamburg, Germany this year at the Radisson Blu Hotel on May 22nd and May 23rd. In attendance and "manning" the PSI booth were Warren Nichols and CEO Sue Heiss. This year's conference was once again well attended by the Banking industry.

A bit of a twist for this conference though was there seemed to be an increased level of focus on SME's relative to discussion topics. Two of the sessions conducted that were probably more interesting to SME's (Small & Medium sized Enterprises which account for about 70% of all businesses) were about factoring and supply chain finance, and the recent introduction of BPO processing by SWIFT.

Another topic dear to PSI's heart was discussed by a panel lead by SWIFT's own Andre Casterman, the topic being multi-banking and trade finance processing which focused on MT798 processing and trying to raise awareness of this available SWIFT product. For a closer look at the power afforded by MT798 processing, have a look at the Synergy Corporate Trade Finance Product also on this website.

All-In-All a very interesting 2 days!